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The Top 4 Home Remedies For Headaches

If you have ever had a serious headache or migraine in the past then you probably solved it by taking an aspirin or some other kind of pain killer. But what if the headache recurs after using such remedies? It is important to note that one of the leading types of headaches among adults across the globe is rebound headache- a type of headache that occurs when painkilling medications are over used or misused. However there is some good news: you can treat headaches at home naturally using readily available home remedies. Here is a discussion of the top four home remedies for headaches;

Lavender oil

Lavender smells great and you probably have some at your house right now. The smell alone could be enough reason to use this remedy even if it didn’t work but keep in mind that this is an essential oil and essential oils are well known for their healing abilities. One easy way of using lavender oil for headaches is to add a few drops of the oil to boiling water and then inhale the fumes. An alternative to this is using a diffuser in a modern form of aroma therapy. You can also apply lavender oil topically but it should never be ingested or consumed orally.

Peppermint oil

This is another readily available essential oil that is quite effective in relieving headaches. Headaches and migraine are usually caused by poor flow of blood in the body and the vaso-dilating properties of peppermint oil allow it to open up the blood vessels so that blood flows much easier and the headache is relieved.


Yes, you may take it for granted but drinking a lot of water can actually help in relieving headaches. Just ask anyone who has ever had a good hangover what they wanted at the time. Some headaches, especially those that come with hangovers, are simply caused by dehydration. By drinking a lot of water, this dehydration is eliminated and your body gets enough water to function normally once more thereby getting rid of the throbbing headache.

Scalp massage

Any type of massage conducted properly usually causes relaxation and can help relieve headaches. But scalp massage does it more efficiently, feels great and, here is the best part, you don’t need anyone else and you can do it yourself. You can either opt to try using reflexology massage (where you massage the joints on the hands and feet) or scalp massage (where you massage the greater occipital nerve area).

In conclusion, you should always remember that there are different types of headaches depending on their causes and therefore while one remedy might work perfectly for one person, it may not be half as good for another one.

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The new water flossing for oral health

When people hear of oral care, tooth brushing comes into their mind. For a long time, people have lived to believe that brushing their teeth is the ideal way leading to oral health. Well, that’s it. There are however some other tactics that also work. You have to give them their place. Salem Oregon Dentist explains Flossing is the act of removing the food particles that may be stuck in between the teeth. Brushing of teeth cleans the visible surfaces only. No matter how careful of precise you try to be, there are certain regions you can’t clean with a toothbrush. That is where the flossing comes in. traditionally, one could use a string to remove the plaque forming between teeth. People still adopt this approach. The new water flossing has however come to replace the old approach. It is much better and more effective.

What is it?

After understanding what flossing is, you can almost see what water flossing is. You just have to replace the word string with water. Water will be moved in between the teeth gaps cleaning off any plaque and food particles that might be stuck there. Bacteria are also washed away. The water used will have to be under a higher pressure for a higher efficiency in the task. That’s where the water flosser comes in. It’s an appliance you have to buy for domestic use. You fill the flosser with water. It then pumps the water in form of a jet from the tip where you clean out the oral structures.

Better than traditional strings

When compared to the strings, this flosser comes with a lot more benefits. First of all, it’s a new technology that is electrically powered. Just like the electric toothbrush, it is considered better. To prove that, efficiency is raised far higher. Chances of leaving out some bacteria, food particle or even plaque are reduced greatly. You don’t have to struggle finding ways to have the string in between the teeth. It’s easy to use unlike for the case of strings. Furthermore, it provides much more comfort and you feel like flossing all day. Most importantly, gum health is stimulated this is very important with children’s oral health.

The water flosser

All that matters with water flossing is the appliance itself and how you use it. The water flossers can be many in the market depending on the manufacturers. Each of them will however have some basics. These include;

  • Motor – it’s the mechanism that pumps water from the reservoir to the tip where one can apply comfortably into the teeth gaps.
  • Flosser tip – it’s like a tap but made special and narrow for a high pressure jet out.
  • Water reservoir – the small tank that stores water before it is pumped.

Floss and brush

Even with the introduction of the water flossing, people should not forget about tooth brushing. When flossing is recommended once daily, tooth brushing should be done twice or more depending on the number of meals you take.